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Women often face greater financial challenges than men in retirement. Lower average salaries and fewer working years make it difficult for women to achieve suitable nest eggs. Results from the recent Transamerica Retirement Survey of American Workers highlight the anxieties that women face.

Sadly, only 12% of women are "very confident" in expecting a comfortable retirement. 81% are concerned that Social Security will not be available when they retire, while 30% expect Social Security to be their primary source of retirement funds. Almost two-thirds (64%) have no backup plan if they must retire sooner than they expected. More than half (54%) of women plan to delay retirement beyond age 65, or do not plan to retire at all.

These findings mirror the previous Transamerica survey in showing Women and Retirement

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Why Delay Saving for Retirement?

Are retirement savings a priority for you? If not, why aren't they?

Perhaps you have other expenses to deal with, excess debt, or too little income. Maybe you don't know how much money you'll need to retire, or you know very little about investing for retirement. It's possible that you haven't given a thought to retirement savings at all.

How many of those things are likely to change over the next few years?

Years turn into decades – and before you know it, retirement is imminent, and you have insufficient funds. Now you're forced into bad options – delaying your retirement, scaling back your plans, or both.

A recent study by the Principal Financial Group digs into the reasons behind financial procrastination. As reported in USA Today, Principal teamed up with behavioral economist Dan Goldstein to look at the behavioral side of financial decision-making. The results suggest that the emoti...

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April is National Financial Literacy Month. Why do we dedicate this calendar page to highlighting financial skills and education? The tax deadline? Sound financial decisions are important all year long, but most Americans never learned how to manage money or save for goals, so financial security is a bigger challenge than it needs to be.

Even if you can handle the math involved — and calculators can help if you can't — things get complicated when making large (often emotional) financial decisions. Some of the most common pitfalls are described below. If you recognize any of them, you're not alone. The good news is that you have an opportunity to improve your finances and save more money.

Emergency Preparedness

An emergency fund is essential because you need to absorb life's surprises without making things worse. Without a stash of cash, you'll have to take...

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Retiring without the worry of running out of money is a major goal for many of us. But what is the best way to ensure that you never run out of money in retirement?

It used to be that many retirees lived off of a pension, interest income, Social Security, or all three. This made for a stress-free retirement in terms of money because income was covering expenses, and they didn't need to dip into their investment principal.

Today we see fewer pensions, very low interest rates, and fears that Social Security may not pay out promised benefits. That is why I recommend looking at covering retirement expenses with dividends.

Interest Payments Will Not Cut It

There is no chance that interest payments from bonds will cover retirement expens...

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