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These last few weeks in quarantine have made most of us way more mindful about our health. And how we all may have taken too much for granted when it comes to trusting others to keep us safe. Does your new normal include purging your closet?

For instance, have you ever bought one of those super cheap tops that just didn’t smell right? Or maybe, was oddly stiff? Well, the U.S. doesn’t legislate use of over 1000 harmful chemicals used in textile manufacturing that are banned in Europe and Canada. This includes what’s next to your “first layer,” meaning, your skin and the openings that intimate wear covers, also known as bras and underwear.

Check Out This Dirty Laundry List

Vibrant Body Company is an intimates manufacturer on a mission: To make women aware that what you put next to your skin matters to your health. Most of us know to avoid harmful chemicals in cosmetics and soaps, but underwear?

Vibrant’s Dirty Laundry List highlights five chemicals that are particularly hazardous to health that could be in your closet, or worse, your underwear drawer.

Formaldehyde, for instance, is used to prevent wrinkles and shrinkage during washing. Flame retardants might sound like a great idea for pajamas, but they’re also carcinogenic and tend to accumulate in fat tissue (like breasts). Glyphosate is a herbicide used to kill weeds, but it’s also been found in cotton. Glyphosate has been linked to reproductive issues, autism and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Choose Clean Intimates... For Health

Being conscious of one’s health isn’t just about eating organic, social-distancing, or wearing a mask. It’s also about making sure that what you put next to your skin does no harm.

In addition to Vibrant’s clean underwear, The Vibrant Bra is also made to do no harm. Its supportive, wireless design is patented, and provides a comfortable, natural lift without pinching, chafing, causing red marks, restricting breast tissue or pushing tissue unnaturally forward. And like its matching underwear, The Vibrant Bra is certified to be STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® compliant, in that it uses no materials or processes that contain harmful chemicals. The bra, underwear and tops are all silky-soft against your skin.

For a limited time, Vibrant is offering 20% off your order of clean essentials when coupon code LIVEVIBRANT is entered at checkout.

Learn more about Vibrant clean essentials.

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