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Now more than ever, people are not taking good health for granted. They’re washing and sanitizing their homes and their hands. They’re taking care of their bodies by eating clean and using clean beauty products. What’s next in clean routines? It’s completely unexpected, but makes all the sense in the world: clean intimates. Tops, underwear and bras that don’t just feel good—they’re good for the body. Thanks to Vibrant Body Company, clean intimates seem like no-brainer new essentials. And now, Vibrant is offering 20% off with coupon code LIVEVIBRANT for those who want to expand their clean lifestyle to the fabrics they put on first each day.

A New Trend In Clean

Just as clean food and clean beauty trendsetters demanded their industries rise to a new ingredient transparency, this could be the beginning of the same movement for underwear drawers .All Vibrant garments come with the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® confidence in textiles label, (the European standard), to give buyers confidence that their intimates are as clean as advertised. This is interesting because Vibrant is U.S.-based, where there’s far less regulation about what toxins can be present in fabrics, compared to Europe and Canada.

Why It Matters

People are careful to avoid putting toxins in or on their bodies, that is, if they’re aware. Bras and underwear are the first thing we all put on in the morning, and these intimates touch our pores all day. Most of us know skin can absorb toxins from fabrics, especially when the body heats up. So, starting the day without harmful toxins “down there” and “up there” seems obvious. Just the fact the clean choice now exists is something that’s hard to unlearn or ignore.

Clean Should Feel Good

The cherry on top of this discovery is how good Vibrant clean intimates feel. The tops and undies are lightweight and breathable, thanks to a European silk blend (which magically provides warmth when it's cold and stays cool in the heat). Plus, their patented wireless bras provide incredible lift while feeling soft and virtually weightless on the body (more magic, for sure).

For a limited time, Vibrant is offering 20% off your order of clean essentials when coupon code LIVEVIBRANT is entered at checkout.

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