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Let’s face it: We’re all a little different now. The quarantine has made many of us look at our closets, the mound of stuff we’ve accumulated, what we eat and how we spend our time through the lens of: Does this really matter anymore?

So now that we’re a bit more conscious and mindful, gifting the conscious woman—partner, friend, mother, daughter—has become more challenging. Even if we all wanted to just shop until we found the perfect thing, stores are quite literally few and far between. And tickets to events that may or may not happen might elicit the response, “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” with new meaning.

Here are some ideas that you, the giver, can feel good about giving (and getting).

Clean Underwear, And The Clean Vibrant Bra

Wait, clean? As opposed to dirty? Clean is the new code for “non-toxic”. Yes, because the U.S. doesn’t regulate clothing with the same do-no-harm standards of Europe and Canada. The clothing in your closet, or worse, your underwear drawer, could have harmful chemicals and compounds that touch your skin. Vibrant Body Company has a saying, “If it’s on you, it’s in you”. Their first layer intimate wear is labeled as STANDARD 100 by OKEO-TEX® clean, meaning every element of their bras, tops and underwear are free from harmful toxins. The fabric isn’t just certified clean, though. It’s so buttery and silky soft that the undies and tops would be welcomed by any woman.

Beyond being clean and soft, The Vibrant Bra’s design has a utility patent granted in the U.S. and Europe because it’s so different. It lifts without wires for a more naturally feminine form. It isn’t just comfortable to wear, astonishingly, it feels like not wearing a bra at all, but still secure.

Because the bra is unlike any other, Vibrant offers both an online fit quiz and a free virtual bra fitting with Master Bra Designer, Heidi Lehmann. You can “meet” Heidi on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. CDT, by logging on to Vibrant Body Company’s Instagram Live for Braless Happy Hour with Heidi. So when it comes to gifting, buy those undies or a top, add a gift card and a personal note. Then, your wrapped gift is a goodie, a shopping spree and a unique experience all in one.

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Instant Organic Gardens

Do you think twice about going to the grocery store? What if you had fresh tomatoes and herbs outside your door? The instant garden is a fabulous gift and can live in a kitchen or on an apartment patio. Your local garden center likely has decorative pots of cilantro, basil, and mint that make fabulous additions to food and beverages, and full grown tomato plants can be purchased in pots for ripe-from-the-vine flavor. Unexpected and oh-so-thoughtful, these plants are the perfect sensory delight for our mindful new world.

Create Heirlooms

One of the most popular trends in sustainable living is not re-gifting, but rather, giving someone you love something of yours that has meaning. It’s sustainable in that the earth doesn’t need more manufactured goods on its landfills. Obviously it’s not for everyone, but giving at its most fundamental is iconic. Is there a necklace you’ve kept since you’re a teenager, that your teenager might treasure forever? Can you box it with a handwritten story? Do you have a set of wine glasses that are your go-to’s, that have memories of celebration? Wouldn’t splitting the set (with a bottle of wine) make a connection with someone that will make them think of you every time they open a cabinet?

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Learn more about Vibrant clean essentials.

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