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Yoga on Instagram Live. Zumba streaming on Facebook. HIIT workouts published to YouTube from your local gym. While fitness centers may be closed, there’s no shortage of ways to remotely stay in shape. And, the dress code? Well, it’s OK if your outfit looks like Serena Williams’ sporty tutu or like Lady Gaga’s at the Met Gala. When you’re working out at home, it’s what you wear underneath it all (or at all) that matters.

The new fitness wear essentials are breathable, nonrestrictive undies and bras that are free from harmful toxins. That’s right: clean intimates. Made by Vibrant Body Company, they move with your body and cover your most porous areas with clean, safe fabric while you dance, kickbox, stretch, or whatever you fancy. Right now, Vibrant is offering 20% off with coupon code LIVEVIBRANT. (For those who want to protect their body while they work their body.)

Sweat Clean

The goal of most workouts is to break a sweat—and then some. The thing is, when we sweat, our pores are more open and are absorbing what’s next to them more rapidly. That’s the principle of “if it’s on you, it’s in you” that inspired Vibrant to create clean bras, underwear, and tops. Clean intimates are essential for workouts because they cover the most porous parts of our bodies, heating up while we work out, and absorbing whatever’s in the garments. Unfortunately, the U.S. does not regulate harmful toxins in fabrics to the degree of Europe and Canada. Vibrant clean intimates are certified in Switzerland as STANDARD 100 by OEK-TEX®, the European bar for non-harmful toxins in all aspects of garments (fabric, dye, thread, etc.).

Move Seamlessly

There’s nothing worse than constantly adjusting your clothing while working out. Pants that won’t stay up. Sports bras that are too tight. Not so with Vibrant clean intimates. That’s because being free of harmful toxins is just one part of the equation. The Vibrant Bra and underwear are designed to ensure the body can breathe and move without restriction. The garments move with you—the perfect workout buddy. Plus, the materials are silky-soft and never slip, dig or pinch.

Tops Optional (At Least At Home)

Your house. Your rules. Should you choose to wear them, Vibrant also makes clean workout-ready tops from the same buttery-soft fabric, free from harmful toxins. They’re also designed to stay in place and move with you. From downward dog. To burpees. And everything in between.

For a limited time, Vibrant is offering 20% off your order of clean essentials when coupon code LIVEVIBRANT is entered at checkout.

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