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Celebrating summer with an intergenerational family party is a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon. Whether it is for a senior loved one’s birthday or a reunion of extended family members, planning an intergenerational celebration requires taking a few extra steps and precautions.

1) A location that appeals to all generations

June is a good month for outdoor activities. It’s typically not too hot to enjoy the great outdoors. You might want to reserve a shelter at a local park or pack a picnic to eat on the grounds of your senior loved one’s assisted living community.

If your family members are baseball fans, you could organize an outing to the closest minor league baseball game. Tickets are usually easier to come by and more affordably priced than major league baseball games.

Whatever the location, just make sure it meets all of your loved ones’ accessibility needs and has restrooms that are close by. Also make sure to provide plenty of sunscreen for everyone.

2) Refreshments and beverages

No celebration is complete without a few tasty treats and refreshing beverages. As you plan your menu, make certain you take everyone’s dietary restrictions into consideration. Also be sure to pack a cooler full of bottled water, especially on warm summer days.

3) Intergenerational party activities

It’s not always easy for multiple generations of a family to find things to talk about, especially if they don’t see one another very often. Help make it easier for everyone to bond by setting up a few activities everyone can participate in.

  • Craft table: Set up a table with arts and crafts projects for everyone to participate in. You can find kits at your local craft store or online. A few fun ones to consider are stepping stone kits that kids leave a handprint on, unfinished bird houses everyone can paint, or origami projects.

  • Karaoke: People of all ages love a good karaoke party! Purchase a karaoke machine inexpensively or rent one from a local party or music store. Make sure you have music that spans the generations.

  • Game time: Interactive games—such as Heads Up or Uno—can be great activities to enjoy at your intergenerational summer celebration. You could also create your own scenarios for a lively game of charades.

  • Family scrapbook: Make copies of favorite family photos and encourage loved ones to do the same. Use everyone’s photos to create a family scrapbook.

Our final tip is to preserve your memories of the day. Bring your camera and ask loved ones to bring theirs. Take and share photos so everyone in the family can create their own albums to enjoy for years to come.

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